How to Disinfect your Kitchen Countertops, Benches and Cupboards at Home

Nowadays, with everything that’s going on in the world (the COVID pandemic) having a disinfected kitchen has never been more important. Especially, because we are all spending so much more time at home. In addition, cleaning and disinfecting are two different things and you should do both in your kitchen to help eliminate any nasties lingering that you can’t see..  Therefore, let’s discuss and explore ways to disinfect your kitchen countertops, benches and surfaces as well as keeping it nice and clean. It’s really quite simple, White King have the perfect product for you and it’s all ready to use.

Let’s take a step back: clean before you disinfect why you ask? Great question..


Before you start to disinfect your kitchen surfaces you must ensure that they are clean otherwise you will not disinfect the area effectively as nasties and bacteria as mentioned above can still linger. Use some soap and warm water to wipe down your surfaces like benchtops, appliances and cupboard doors. This will make your job of disinfecting much easier and you will be done in no time.


Let’s start with the kitchen countertops first.


With cleared countertops, disinfecting is actually pretty easy. White King have a Disinfectant Hospital Grade Cleaner that will make your job much easier and a lot quicker. All you need to do is spray thoroughly on every countertop surface.


The White King trigger nozzle disinfectant is ready to use and perfect for those countertops, surfaces and your cupboards. The everyday hospital grade disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs, sanitises, deodorises and even offers antibacterial protection.

Directly spray onto your countertops  from a distance and leave for at least 5 minutes while our disinfectant spray works its magic. After that you can rinse the countertops with fresh water or use a wet cloth. The disinfectant cleaner can also be used undiluted.


This little bottle of greatness is perfect for on-the-go protection for non-porous kitchen, toilet and bathroom surfaces as well as basins, baths and showers so you’ll find it can help disinfect so much of your house especially in those rooms that you frequent regularly.  It has a great citrus smell so it won’t leave your kitchen countertops and surfaces smelling of chemicals.

Disinfecting Cupboards


With the countertops and benches drying, its time to move on to the cupboards. Believe it or not, we are constantly opening the pantry cupboard doors for snacks and food, reaching for plates and glasses or touching cupboards while pondering what to cook.


So it’s a great time to grab your cloth or spray directly onto the cupboard doors and again let our disinfectant spray work its magic for at least 5 minutes.


Handy Tip!!! While you have your cloth handy you may as well look around and wipe down all your handles, knobs, light switches and anything else in the kitchen that needs a little clean.

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