Love your clothes.

Love Your Clothes

Softly welcomes two iconic brands, Martha’s & Lux Pure Soap Flakes to the family with a fresh new look, but the same trusted formulas you know and love.

Softly laundry care products couldn’t be more aptly named, to conjure memories of cuddles and special occasions with every wash.

  • Delicates is our classic Softly wash for delicates and woolens. Most ideal for garments labelled ‘hand-wash’, such as silks, laces, and sheer fabrics.
  • Pure Soap Flakes is a pure and mild formulation optimal for soft and plush baby’s clothes, blankets, and feather down.
  • Wool Wash is perfected for washing precious Merino wool and cashmere. Certified by The Woolmark Company, you can be assured Softly Wool Wash will treat your wool with care. To learn more about how to wash your wool go to Woolmark Care.

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