Try this surprising hack to keep your flowers fresher for longer

Let’s talk flowers and how to keep them looking fresh for longer. Simple just add some bleach in your vase.

Let’s take a step back: now that you have received those gorgeous flowers for Valentine’s Day you want to keep them looking fresh for as long as you can.  

Fresh flowers always look amazing in your house so it’s only natural that you want them looking good days later, just add a little White King Disinfecting Bleach to your flower water.


Add some bleach to your flower water.

We can’t take the credit for this amazing hack, but we did some research online and found that adding a little bleach to your flower water keeps the the water from getting cloudy and also inhibits the growth of bacteria, which means your flowers will last longer and look fresher.


Steps to keeping your flowers longer.

Prep your flowers by trimming the stems and removing any excess leaves from the stems so that they don’t sit in your flower water of your vase.

Add water to your chosen vase and mix in a couple of drops of White King Disinfectant Bleach or a 1/4 teaspoon for 1 litre of water. This will help kill off any bacteria in the water and prevents the water from turning cloudy and smelly.

Ensure you keep an eye on your flowers and trim them as required so they keep looking fresh. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your water too so that it doesn’t get cloudy or smelly. If required mix up a new batch of your water and mix in the bleach.  

Lastly ENJOY your beautiful flowers…..


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