What are the best bathroom cleaning products you can buy?

Let’s face it – cleaning the bathroom is never anyone’s favourite job, but is there anything more satisfying than glistening tiles and crystal-clear glass when you’re done? We don’t think so!

 Fortunately, getting your bathroom in this state can be quick and easy with the right products. Here we explore the core White King items you can stock in your home to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

Mould cleaner

Mould is unfortunately a fact of life in the bathroom, where moisture lingers in the air, causing mildew to form in crevices and gaps. It’s especially prolific on the ceiling, in shower recesses and on the grout between tiles because these areas stay consistently damp. Owning a good mould remover is crucial so that you can quickly tackle these problem areas as needed.  

We recommend: White King Mould and Soap Scum Remover.

A spray and wipe product is an ideal choice as a mould cleaner because you can target hard-to-reach areas behind taps or on the ceiling just by aiming the nozzle. In many cases all you need to do is spray, leave it for five minutes and then rinse it away, because the cleaner contains bleach, making it potent enough to immediately remove stains. However, if the mould is more deep-set, you can scrub for better results. Just remember to wear gloves and eye protection during use.


All-purpose bathroom cleaner

An all-purpose bathroom cleaner is a must to have on hand because it will be effective in most areas of your bathroom, especially if you want to give your shower, bath and basin a an all-on-one-go wipe down.

We recommend: White King Power Clean Bathroom Gel.

This cleaner has a thick bleach gel formula that you can apply undiluted to large, stubborn stains (such as ring marks in the bath) and leave in place for five minutes before rinsing away. The product’s gel consistency also allows it to glide over vertical surfaces without dripping.


Glass cleaner

There’s nothing worse than shower glass that appears streaky from soap scum and hard water stains, but the right glass cleaner will quickly fix that problem.

We recommend: White King 4 in 1 Bathroom Cleaner.

A spray and wipe with this bathroom cleaner will refresh your mirrors and shower doors in no time. And here’s a glass cleaning hack: run a squeegee over the glass after every shower to prevent daily soap scum build up and you won’t have as much to do at the end of the week.



As the most versatile product in your bathroom, pure bleach can be used to disinfect many surfaces, though we particularly like using it in the toilet (more on that in a minute) and to mop the tile floor. In the latter case, you only need to dilute half a cup of bleach in five litres of cold water, mop it evenly over the floor, leave for ten minutes and then rinse with clean water. If you have particularly dirty grout, use a hard brush while the bleach is still active to remove any discoloration.   

We recommend: White King Premium Bleach.

The best thing about this premium bleach is that it comes in three different sizes and fragrances (regular, lemon and lavender), allowing you to choose a bottle according to your preferences and the size of your bathroom.


Toilet cleaner

There are two options for cleaning the toilet, depending on how often you like to do it.

For quick and powerful we recommend: White King Powerclean Toilet Gel.

In terms of fast delivery, you can’t beat White King Powerclean Toilet Gel, which you can aim at difficult stains under the rim and around the bowl. The specially formulated liquid gel requires minimal scrubbing and kills germs within 30 seconds.  

To clean-as-you-go we recomend: White King In-Bowl Flex Cage and White King All in 1 In-Cistern Power Shots.

If you’re too busy to manually clean the toilet all the time (or you just don’t like doing it!) you should definitely explore an in-bowl or in-cistern option.

An in-bowl flex cage sits inside your toilet bowl and releases a small quantity of cleaning solution every time you flush, for 400 flushes. This helps prevent stains and limescale from the get-go, and provides a constant, hygienic fragrance.  

An in-cistern power shot sits inside the cistern and releases both the cleaning agent and a small proportion of bleach directly into the water every time you flush, for 800 flushes, turning the water blue. The advantage of this option is that the bleach will keep the cistern and the bowl clean of mould, stains and limescale, saving you plenty of time.

Ultimately, the number of products that you choose to stock in your bathroom will come down to the design and size of the room, but these essential items should cover all bases. 

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