White King All in 1 In-Cistern Power Shots

Bleach & Blue

2 x 50g

• Use the power of bleach to remove stains and kill germs in the water every time you flush for around-the-clock protection
• Every time you flush, a quantity of cleaning agents plus bleach is released
• Removes germs in the water, in the cistern, under the rim, around the bowl and into the ‘S’ bend
• Cleaning and foaming action leaves a fresh hygienic fragrance
• No mess, no fuss, dissolvable wrapper keeps hands clean
• Provide a powerful ‘White King’ clean for your toilet

Directions of use
Flush your toilet to remove as much water from your cistern as possible. Drop one block into the cistern on the opposite side to the float. The wrapper is dissolvable so there is no need to unwrap the block. Wash hands after touching the block.